Travel Snap Racks with Frag Loc


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These will be the most versatile Snap Racks to date! Designed with the traveling coral swap vendor in mind, we designed a Plug Loc set up that will hold your coral in place almost too well!

Besides that, these racks are Stackable! Even stacking them, we added a Loc system to help keep the racks stacked together. When stacked, they are sized just right to fit in a 5gal bucket or even a 5gal Gateraid cooler. But wait….there is more!

Being that they are Snap Racks, you can switch out the legs for different height legs at any time! We will have 3″, 2 1/2″, and 2″ tall legs available to add to your order. Heights stated are the height of one rack under the plate to the main surface it’s sitting on. When you stack these Snap Racks you will lose a 1/2″ between the 2 racks. So if you stack a 2 1/2″ Snap  Rack on a 3″ Snap Rack, the space between the two racks will be 2″ and overall height will be 5″ from the main surface they are sitting on.

Another leg swapping option is that you can have a 3″ leg on one side and a 2″ on the other and have the whole Snap Rack be tipped while at your show! It adds some more style to your back row of Snap Racks full of God sent coral in your show tank!  You will not be able to stack the Travel Snap Rack wile like this though.

Now besides being able to change out the legs, you can flip the top plate over to show off the other side! The non-counter sunk side adds WAAAAY more frag plug staying power!  This side is best for those really rough rides.

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Leg Height

2", 2 1/2", 3"


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