Deep Blue 60/80 Snap Rack


Using a Deep Blue 60 or 80 as a Frag Tank?  Sick of using Egg Crate as your frag rack? Look no more!


Add to cart each plate separately to your needs to fill your tank. If you need to fill a 2’x4′ tank with a corner overflow you will need to add a total of 4 corners to your basket in any combination you may want. Full rack will be $258 to $361 shipped

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Add to cart each plate separately to your needs to fill your tank 

We have needed to make these for many people already and decided that they need to be more avail for everyone besides those who follow us on Facebook.  This Snap Rack set up will fill your entire tank and clear your overflow with no issues.  Sorry for the lack of pictures at the moment. There will be more on the way of the different heights and stiles of the hole layouts… including a Frag Loc version!

All Racks are black on the top with clear legs. The Frag Loc version is the only one that has a second color. That color will illuminate through the Frag Loc. Black doesn’t illuminate through.

Tight version can hold a max of 828 frags! Loose version can hold a max of 544 frags! Frag Loc version can hold a max of 540 frags!

All options will are listed above. If you would like to see some of the options, please watch the assembly video below.

Assembly video


Rico’s Review !



3D Render of the Deep Blue 60 / 80 Snap rack


Deep Blue Snap Rack …3D render

As we have done in the past, Here is a 3D render of a more normal frag rack for the Deep Blue 48"x24" footprint tank. Was a request to get the spacing closer than our normal spacing. Doing so got this beast up to 828 locations!We try to do a 3D render on all our custom racks to help find flaws in the design work…and trust me…my first design of this needed 4 revisions as I was doing the render!

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Additional information

Plate Size

Each section (plate) is just under 1 foot x 2 foot in size


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