6 Pack Rack


A NEW way of transporting your coral from store, swap, friends house to your home!

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Why are they called 6 Pack Racks? Well, these will fit in 6 Pack can coolers that you can find in almost any store in your area. In a normal 6 Pack cooler, you can fit one tall and one short container for a total of 28 coral you could bring home from that killer sale!

Each 6 Pack Rack comes with Frag Loc and the container! Holds up to 14 frags (12 plugs up to 1 1/4″ + 2 plugs up to 1″ in the middle 2 locations)

You have 2 choices for container sizes. The TALL gives you just under 2″ of water above the rack. The SHORT gives just under 1″ of water above the rack.

The containers are almost crystal clear so you can really show off what you purchased at the swap to your friends. The containers are strong, but if dropped they may crack. That is the only drawback of these containers. They will not leak when closed properly!

When you get your rack there will be paper on the top to protect the rack and also on the center handle ( handle will be loose) Just peel off the paper and snap the handle into the center rectangle hole and your set!

There is a half-circle on the top of the handle. The flat part of that half-circle is the MAX water level you can have in the container before you make a mess when you put the lid back on the container. Watch Video Below For More Info.

Our 6 Pack Racks should be allowed on the plane as a carry on because the water is VITAL for the live coral to survive. Search on the TSA’s website or in the My TSA app
for “Live Coral” under the “What can I bring” section if you are questioned about the rule.

**Now remember, as it states, the final word rests with the TSA officer if it will be allowed.**





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Additional information

Bottom Color

Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Red, Black, Translucent Blue

Container Height

Tall, Short


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