For our Salt Water friends…..

nice-coral-from-back-in-the-dayBack in the day, I used to take care of saltwater reef tanks in our home. We had many different sized tanks from a 40-gallon breeder up to a 150 gallon extra tall.  We kept lots of coral and we kept them in our main tank and also in a separate tank called a ‘Frag Tank’.  What you may as is a ‘Frag Tank’? Well when coral grows too big for a saltwater tank or when you would like to share/sell some coral you would cut a piece of coral to a small FRAGment and glue/place onto a ceramic/plastic plug to keep it in place until you hand it to the next person. As you can tell, ‘Frag’ is short for Fragment….hence the name ‘Coral Frag’

small-eggcrateBack then there were not too many different ways to keep your Coral Frags organized. We used what was called “EggCrate” aka the white crosshatch light defusers for 4’x2′ hanging lights like the image to the right here…

Yes, there were also companies out there making racks too called Frag Racks. Eggcrate was a cheap solution to the expensive frag racks made by many companies. Plus eggcrate could be customized to what you wanted it to look like. Even then it still wasn’t the best looking solution or the strongest.

We here at one and fish small sign and more have come up with a solution to some of the issues that we were having as coral salespeople.  It took us many years to figure it out but we have come up with new racks that disassemble to a small form factor by yet when they are assembled they look nice and also are sturdy.  What we have come up with our called ‘Snap Racks’!  Snap racks are the only frag racks, made by anyone, that you can actually FIX if you accidentally break them by ordering new parts!  They ship to you fully disassembled with protective paper or plastic on all the parts ….  So when you get them they arrive scratch free.  When you get your racks from us, you need to peel all the paper off before assembly, then you would follow the instructions on the back of the package to put them together correctly.  All our smaller racks assemble the-orig-2-4-snap-rackvery quickly and easily.

One other thing is since they come disassembled the shipping cost is much less and you have a much better chance that the shipping didn’t damage the rack. Prices of our Snap Racks also reflect what we do not do (assemble them) to our Snap Racks … our cheapest rack is at $15 and that is for a 2″ tall rack that can hold 24 frags!

Pictured here is the original Snap Rack that started it all! The 2.4 Snap Rack! The front stair is 2″ tall and the back is 4″ tall capable of holding  48 coral on big 1 1/4″ frag plugs with up to 5/8″ stems! This little Snap Rack will fit in a 10gal or a 15gal high sideways…The rack will fit front to back in a 20long, 20high, 29gal and up…darn near all tanks that would be used as a frag tank! We have many more sizes available also, just take a look in our store HERE or if you need a custom size, use the contact button floating on the left of your screen to get a quote.

all-3-under-waterUp next is our collaboration with Elos Aquastudios in Texas! They needed something to replace their way of pricing their coral that they have now. They showed me what they are using…3d printed stands that they hand write on. Well…we came up with something much better and faster to make than that. What we came up with is 2 slightly different versions of each other. One is an acrylic version with the price laser etched on the back of the tag, and the other is the price etched on the front of a 2 color abs plastic.  The acrylic versions are to the left. As you can see, they don’t show up very well. But the Abs version in the next pic to the right looks great! In the pic, you will see this customer (Elos Aquastudios) wanted blue ones and they couldn’t be blue-ones-in-waterhappier with what they received

2 color ABS the first color is lasered off to show the second color under it showing a large contrast of color and making it very easy to read. Color combinations that will be available will be Red/White, Blue/White, Black/White, and White/Black. If there is another color combo that you would like us to see if we can do…please contact us through the link on the side of our site.

If you are looking to grab a basic set or a-la-cart head to our STORE and grab what you like. We have starter kits of these of the color you choose will be $48 plus $2 shipping and will have in each kit 2x $10, 2x $15,2x $20,2x $25, 2x $30, 2x $40, 2x $50, 2x $60, 2x $70, 2x $80, 2x $90, 2x $100. If you would like extra of any of these or just would like a few and not the starter kit, they are $3 each and shipping will start at $2.  If you would like some custom ones with numbers or short phrases you don’t see in our store please contact us by using the contact link floating alongside our site 🙂

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