Edge Lit signs….What are they?

Edge lit signs haven’t been around too long. They are not mass produced or found on store shelves. If you do happen to find an edge lit sign in a store, the quality is often poor and lighting is dim.

We at One Mad Fish small sign, proudly make all of our signs here in the good ol’ USA! Our signs are custom made of high-quality material with bright light to highlight your sign for your business.

Normal wood bases are made from solid Red Oak that we  CNC to the proper size for the signs. Our normal stain is darker and really shows the grain of the Oak. Bases are then covered in a lacquer so as to preserve the quality for long life and smoothness to the base for easy dusting.We also cover the bottoms of our desktop models with either black or dark gray felt so that no matter what surface you put them on…they will not scratch that surface!made-in-usa
wolfOur edge lit signs are laser etched and cut pieces of acrylic put into a base that contains leds that shine up from the bottom/top or both and the light reflects off of the etched area of the acrylic to you.The image used for the signs can be almost anything you wish!! To the left is a Wolf one we did for a customer. This customer wanted to have it show up in red. So red leds were used.The color of leds we have available for our signs are as follows…Red, Blue, Green, Amber(dark yellow), Pinkish purple, Dark purple (very dark..not recommended for well lit rooms) and White.
Now if you just can’t make up your mind on what color of led you would like for your Edge lit sign…we have you covered!rgb-what-you-getWe can offer you Remote controlled RGB leds ($25 upgrade). This way you can choose the perfect color for your sign, or when you change your mood…you can change the color again and again. But that’s not all..there is a few modes with the RGB leds that are pre-programed into the controller…from blinks to fades.To the right is what you would expect to receive when you would get your RGB remote controlled sign. Included is the sign, microfiber towel which is included with all signs over $20, power supply (sorry not in the pic…using to light the sign) ,remote control instructions, and also the Remote control that is linked to your sign.
All our desktop models that are over 8″ long will have a spot on the back where the power supply will plug directly into the base. The larger hanging or the 4″ $15 minis will have a pig tail where you will be plugging in your power to.
When you order a Custom sign from us…we do send out previews so that you may double check the lay outs…as you can see from this prevew…there is something that is missing..this is the preview from the sign above. After this preview was sent to the customer, they asked to have the Facebook and Instagram logos added to help fill in the spaces.
We take great care to the signs that are ordered from us! When we assemble them we use rubber gloves to keep the finger prints off of the acrylic after they are ran, and cleaned up. We don’t take the gloves of
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