Edge Lit sign common pricing

With many different sizes to make our edge lit signs, we put together the common sizes that have been requested and ordered in a price list so that you may have a better idea for the size that you may like to get from us.

All prices below are for single color leds and REAL Oak wood bases (4″ uses Aspen pine). Color choices for them are as follows: Red, Blue, Green, White, Pinkish Purple, Dark purple, and Orange(amber)

There are 2 Upgrades to the LEDs that you can do. First one is remote controlled RGB LEDs as a $25 upgrade to the sign price. A sample video is near the bottom of the page. Only the 4″ signs are not able to have this upgrade.

The second Upgrade to the LEDs in our signs is the Fire LEDs. These are our best LED setup that we can offer. they come with a little control box to control the dancing of the LEDs back and forth, color flickers, and rainbow fades. Sample video will also be at the bottom. This Upgrade is a $65 upgrade to your sign price. Its advised to only use this upgrade on signs 16″ or longer.

4″ long little signs are $15


6″ long by 4″ tall signs are $15

25 dollar 6 by 4 inch

8″ long by up to 12″ tall are $45


12″ long by up to 12″ tall are $65

65 dollar 12 inch

16″ long by up to 12″ tall are $90

90 dollar 16 inch

19″ long by 6″ tall are $65

65 dollar 12x6 inch

19″ long by 12″ tall are $125

125 dollar 19x12 inch

SAMPLE pic of Fire LEDs on a almost 4 foot long sign
Fire LEDs
Remote controlled RGB Edge lit sign
FIRE LED Edge lit sign..the best LEDs we have to offer!
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